Vendor Profile

The Heavy Rent iPhone app.

This is a video demo of our new app designed for searching rental heavy equipment. 

All the equipment listings are in our database and are provided by the vendors.

The location and range can be set in the settings app(Apple) so will be filled automatically.
They can be changed while using the app but will revert to the saved values at startup.

If the location is correct for your search, 
then all you need to do is select a type of equipment and click search.
If there are any of that type available within the range
 they will be displayed on a map along with company information.

Tap the pin for the item you choose,
 followed by a tap on the info. It will then take you
  to a detailed view for that vendor.
If you select one of the detail views you will be shown
 a single page view of the equipment complete with a phone and email link.

If you want to check other pins, just tap the back button in the top left of the screen.

This process can be repeated for multiple pins or 
you can go back and change equipment type, location and range.

Being able to change location lets you choose the 
location of your next project if it is in a distant location.

On the demo the location is changed to Dallas as an example.
 There was a demo site setup in the database for this vendor.
This feature demonstrates the fact that this app will work anywhere.

If there are many pins, the map can be zoomed in to give a more detailed view.

Demo Page