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Heavy Rent List.

Vendor Profile form.

Enter the requested values. These values are used for the default location and contact information.
Get Loaction button
is important for setting your location when you enter equipment. Please use the button to get your location.
There will be a delay while the location is found.
If some of your equipment is not at your default location, then a different location can be set on the equipment entry page.
The contact information on this page is also used as default but can be changed on the equipment page. The profile page can be edited from the main menu which will be displayed once the profile is complete.

Enter Equipment form.

Select an equipment type from the list.
The serial # field is not required but may be used for your reference.
The Year, Make and Model are required fields. These are automatically displayed at the beginning of he description field on the app.
The rates fields are not required but can be entered.
These are also added to the end of the description field of the app if they are greater than zero. The additional information field is for anything not already input. Since year, make, model and rates are already entered they need not be here.
The optional remote address is for if you have equipment that is not at your default location. Leave it blank for default. Items entered with an optional remote address will not be displayed unless the search area covers that location.
For instance, if your default location is Calgary, AB and you enter a remote address of Portland, OR. the item will be displayed if you search with a location of Portland, OR but not if you search with a location of Calgary, AB.
If the range is set to a distance large enough to cover both locations, then it will show.
The "Optional Contact" fields are to change the contact information for this item only.
The image button is for you to select an image that you have already saved to your drive.
The original file should be less than 2MB in size.
If you are using Windows you can resize it with paint, Load the image into Paint, select Home, resize and use percentage.
On Mac use Preview. Go to Tools, Adjust size and select percentage.

My Equipment form.

This lists all your rentals and there active status.
You can select "Delete" to delete an item or "Edit" to edit an item.
Edit will let you change the active status, change the rates or description.
With a status of 1, the item will be found in a search that includes this type and location. A zero will hide the item but can be activated again later.